Eman Channel Launches Eman Academy with Mufti Menk

Has time or finance been a barrier to seeking knowledge? Meet the online academy built with YOU in mind.

A modern take on classical learning with the World-renowned scholar Mufti Menk taking you through the journey of Islamic learning. It is a spiritual course, created to serve a diverse audience. It is simple and incorporates the modern learning techniques to the tradition of learning about Allah and how to pray to the blessed biography, Seerat) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The dean of the course is Mufti Menk and under his supervision, the course has been directed to be globally accessible and inspiring.

Here is a teaser of the kind of messages that Mufti Menk will provide during the course

“You become what you constantly think about. If you think you can’t, you probably won’t make it. If you think you’re a failure, you’ll end up not doing anything significant in life. If you think negative thoughts always, you’ll end up with negative results. Guard your thoughts!”

So if you want to learn Quran Memorisation, the daily supplications and enjoy the live webinars sign up today at www.emanacademy.tv.

The course also has other scholars who teach alongside Mufti Menk, including Ustadh Abu Haneefa Sohail, Ustadh Ali Hammuda and sheikh Waseem Kempson. Further details and admission requirements are all available on the website. 

? Globally accessible

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Eman Academy & Eman Channel.