Does water have a weight?

Ramadan is far more than a time of fasting. It is a month that allows us to connect with our faith in a deeper, more spiritual way. Giving us the space to reflect on our good fortune, and the encouragement to share this with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Millions are suffering across the world, from Rohingya’s in Bangladesh to displaced people in Yemen and Jordan.

Human Relief Foundation are here to help you donate and reach out to those in need!

Earn the blessings this Ramadan by donating any amount you can:

SORT CODE: 401315

Donate for a water well in Ghana
Water: £1,000 (tube well in Ghana)
10 Shares (£100 each)

You can also donate your food packs to Syria and Iraq

1 Food pack: £60
2 Food packs: £120
5 Food packs: 300
10 Food packs: £600

Join Human Relief Foundation LIVE on Eman Channel Monday 13th May 2018 from 8:15pm to 4am.
SKY 769

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