Corbyn was champion of Jewish Community

By James Langly

I don’t know about you but I’m totally fed up with the lobbies pushing the idea that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite. He’s not.

His party has behaved appallingly in dealing with the problem just as the Conservative Party’s efforts to crack down on Islamophobia within its ranks have also been incredibly lacklustre.

But it is worth resurrecting the story presented recently by highly respected academic Professor Geoffrey Alderman who also happens to be a specialist in Jewish history.

He recently reminded people that in 1987 Islington Council was working on a plan to flog off a Jewish cemetery to a group of developers.

The leader of the council at the time was a certain Margaret Hodge who has been targeting poor old Corbyn for more than a year now over the anti-semitism brouhaha.

What Dame Margaret, the veteran Labour MP, is less vocal about is the successful campaign run by Jeremy Corbyn to defeat the council’s plans to dig up and re-bury the corpses from the Jewish cemetery elsewhere.

Jewish historian Alderman points out that the “deliberate destruction of a cemetery is sacrilegious”. So it turns out Islington MP Corbyn championed the cause of local Jewish families putting people ahead of profit and property developers.

Dame Margaret gives no credit to Corbyn for this and I’ve no idea what her own position was. At best she supported Corbyn’s fight and would, therefore, realise that far from being an anti-semite he was a champion of the Jewish community. Or at worst, she supported those on the council who were happy to rip up gravestones and corpses thereby causing great distress to the Jewish community.

I’ve no idea which and my previous calls to Dame Margaret have gone unanswered. She can still contact me through and I’m happy to make her position clear on this matter.

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