We are always on the lookout for fresh and unique content to air on our growing channel.

We understand how important it is to look towards new concepts and ideas (within Islamic boundaries) in order to stay connected with our audience. Get in touch with us if you have any ideas for a program that is currently being aired or if you want to see a completely new program – we would love your input!

We’re also happy to work with any directors or filmmakers who want their work aired on Eman Channel. Perhaps you have an event that you would like for us to cover – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Although we are open to topics, please ensure that your work is suitable for English-speaking Muslim audiences. We want to be able to appeal to Muslims of different ages with material that is new, ‘off-beat,’ and engaging in a variety of ways. We appreciate work for the people, by the people, and understand that there will be several niches that have yet to be exposed to the Muslim community.

It is our goal to make Eman Channel into a broadcaster that Muslims from all cultures and ages can enjoy and benefit from… but this is only possible if we work together as a community.

For further information, or to discuss your ideas please e-mail: [email protected] with “Contribute” and the topic/idea as the subject headline.