Climate change – Things we can do to help ourselves

As scientists continue to warn us of the serious consequences of climate change, we give you 10 simple steps that could reduce your Carbon footprint and help preserve the Earth for the next generation. 

Consume less meat: Now, we’re not suggesting to go full Vegan, however adopting a more plant-based diet could help the environment drastically. Cutting down meat consumption to a few days a week or even something as simple as switching from beef to chicken has significant advantages. 

Stop buying plastic bottled water: Switch to an alternative, reusable water bottles. It saves you money and keeps plastic out of the ocean. 

Collect rainwater: Use it to feed household plants and your garden. 

Pay online: Cut out paper and pay your bills online, not only is it eco-friendly but saves you the hassle of filing it. 

Hang your washed laundry: Ditch the tumble dryer and hang your laundry on a line outside. 

Unplug: Disconnect all appliances and chargers that are not in use.

Natural light: Avoid turning on the lights for as long as possible, instead, open the curtains and use natural daylight for longer.

Buy package-free: There are options to ditch packaging with a lot of big supermarkets when you order online. Alternatively, take your own bags or opt for food which is more widely recyclable. 

Green fingers: Start your own herb garden or vegetable patch. They’re super simple and require little effort, which saves you money and their fresh.