Brexit Deal- Only the Prime Minister can ‘see the light’ or a resignation

The Prime Minister published her draft withdrawal agreement with the EU on Wednesday, and has vowed to “see it through”. The Conservative party is hemorrhaging MP’s as a result, The Prime Minister is clutching onto power by the thinnest of threads and the Brexit deal is set to rock the nation for the next 3 years.

The 585-page document sets out the terms of the UK’s departure and includes details such as how much money will be paid to the EU, details of the transition period and citizens rights.

The deal has left the government in all kinds of trouble, as it has prompted the start of a tumultuous few days for Mrs May, with two senior ministers and several other junior ministers and aides resigning.

This week is set to be the D-Day of talks for the PM, salvage some pride and hold off the temptation of a vote ‘of No Confidence’.

A group of five ministers in Theresa May’s top team are hoping to persuade her to make changes to her draft Brexit deal, aimed at preventing any more resignations.

However the Prime Minister seems to think she is the only person in Westminster who understands the Brexit reality: a deal doesn’t exist that satisfies everyone in the UK and everyone in Brussels.

She’s got a deal, she thinks it’s the best deal, and she doesn’t seem bothered that very few people agree with her.

And despite the road blocks and hearing MP after MP tell her in the House of Commons on Thursday that they were ready to vote against her proposed deal with Brussels, the Prime Minister, Thatcheresque, against all odds, said in a news conference that she is still taking the deal to Parliament.
Prior to that the deal is expected to be approved at a special EU summit on 25 November, before being voted on by MPs in Parliament.